Would you like to get emails when new articles come out? You can join the mailing list by sending an email to:

Subject / body do not matter, since they are ignored, just have to send the email.

When your email is received you will then, in turn, receive an email that says: confirm [some long number]. Follow the instructions to confirm you really do want to subscribe. You will then get an email that says: Welcome to the "unread-sleep" mailing list. You are then all set! (Note that depending on your mail client, you may have to look around a bit for these messages. For instance, for my gmail the emails showed up under 'Promotions'.)

There is also a web interface you can use here.

After you join, each new article will be sent to you, in plaintext form, along with a link to its HTML page. Site update announcements will also be posted to the aforementioned list.

There is currently no discussion list set up, nor are there any other syndication formats. We do plan to at least set up a discussion list, archives, and an anonymous form, so that you can respond to articles with your comments. When this happens, the info here will be updated and an announcement will go out.

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